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The Garden Of My Soul

I allowed the weed of Bitterness to grow in my garden. Resentment began to take root. Soon Love began to choke, and Peace to wither. The weeds were easily nourished and didn’t need much care at all.

As time went on, I decided not to share Love and Peace with others since there wasn’t much there for me. Who cares? I thought. Why should I share the crop when I tend and toil alone? Selfishness grew feverishly and my garden flourished with iniquity.

I became quite Proud of all that I had grown. Everyone must be green with Envy, I thought. I’m certainly nobody’s fool.

Impatience was taking off nicely and I had no problem sharing that. In fact, the more I shared, the more it grew!

Love and Peace were really bothersome, they needed so much attention!

Anger began to grow, a patch here, another patch there. I briefly wondered why these weeds were considered “bad” when they grew so strong and so easily. Some of them seemed quite attractive and harmless.

“Idle Talk,” a variety better known as Gossip, became extremely hardy with a glass of wine or two, and became much fuller when shared.

Then quite suddenly, a terrible disease began to spread. I think it was called “Chaos.” Everything became ugly and tangled and began to rot. I felt such Shame that I started to tear out the tangled mess.

Something new began to grow protectively around Love and Peace. It was found to be a sweet little plant known as Sorrow. So surprised was I to see the life it gave to Love and Peace, that I began to cry. Soon a lovely plant called Repentance sprang to life. My new garden began to thrive and was more fruitful and beautiful than it had ever been before. Forgiveness was by far the most glorious plant in my garden.

Seven seedlings were planted shortly after. If tended properly, I hope to yield the fruits of Joy, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Patience, Humilty, Charity and Self-control.

Of course my garden needs constant care and nourishment and a good weeding every now and then. I often need another’s keen eye to spot any new variety of weed that tries to root. But as I share the work and the fruit with others, it becomes like Heaven on Earth.


{7:17} So then, every good tree produces good fruit, and the evil tree produces evil fruit.

{7:18} A good tree is not able to produce evil fruit, and an evil tree is not able to produce good fruit.

{7:19} Every tree which does not produce good fruit shall be cut down and cast into the fire.

{7:20} Therefore, by their fruits you will know them.

“A seed is a tiny dormant plant waiting for the right conditions to begin its life cycle.” (All about Houseplants – Ortho Books)

Written By: Theresa Scibelli


Anonymous said…
Beautifully done! Love it!

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