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Lead By Example

More then ever, children are in need of good role models. I am not speaking of movie stars or musicians only, but what about us parents? I would like to start with the second commandment; "Thou shall not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain". In this context, the word "vain" means: without revererence, without worth or significance. Honestly, my ears hurt every time I hear or read the expression "OH MY GOD!" or "OMG!".
How many times are we as parents, grandparents, family members and friends, guilty of this?
Saying the name of God when it is not related to prayer, praise, or petition to Him, is a violation of the second commandment and a missuse of His Holy name. God's name is not just an expression or an exclamation point, when we use His name in this way, we teach irreverence to our children and anyone in earshot.
If we as Catholics truly believe in God and the power and reality of His love for us, then we need to speak of Him only in a way that is helpful. When our children need help they can offer a prayer of petition to our loving Father who is always waiting to answer them. When our children are happy, they can offer a prayer of thanksgiving and praise to God. When our children are sad or sorry,they can offer a prayer of contrition. That's what we as Catholics are called to teach and to live.
Let's think carefully about the speech we use, and how we can improve our relationship as well as that of our family , with our Heavenly Father. It may sound like a small thing to do, but once you are conciously trying to avoid using Gods name in the ways I have mentioned, you will take notice of how often and easily it slides out of our mouths and the mouths of those around us.


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