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Head in the Sand

Watching Dad pass was the most excruciating experience of my life.Nights without sleep, holding his hand, changing his bedding and cleaning his body, massaging lotion onto his feet and ankles and just hoping that some of this gave him comfort.There were many hours of listening and watching him talk to people we could not see, and endless groans. His body and face seemed to change within hours.His strong hands were the only comfort, other than the right hand which we labeled the “big arm” because he had developed cellulitis, a word that I thought only applied to women’s buttocks.
Me?I’m comfortable with hiding and or running from this kind of thing, but, something inside of me said, “See it through, stop running away”.So I stayed, I watched, I comforted, I prayed, I cleaned and wiped and cried when I knew he couldn’t see me.Fortunately I had distractions, like deer ticks, and a nasty upper respiratory infection that gave me a minute to hack up a Louie, …