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Death and Life

I have hit a real dry spell.  The last time I wrote was a short piece about how I felt about my father dying.  Since then, I haven't been able to express myself other then brooding silently, shedding some tears when I think about him and other family members who have passed on.  I think alot about the whole birth and death thing or what some call "the circle of life".  Unfortunately, my mind circles around the words "birth" and "death"  and I come to no peaceful conclusion on either one.  I guess I want death to be a peaceful experience and I have witnessed it to be otherwise.  I think about birth and consider how a baby is comfy and nutured inside the mothers' womb until the time comes for the body to reject it, force it out into this other world.  The baby doesn't remember.  We have no recall of pain or suffering or fear of the unknown.  We grow and grow from thereon, hopefully in a nurturing and loving environment.  We learn to become indep…