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Social Not-Working

Interestingly enough, the following article I wrote was submitted to in July of 2012, and turned down because as the owner of the website said,” I find the tone of this article to be quite judgmental and not a great fit for our site. I understand the theme but feel that anyone who does use FB might feel attacked by your tone. Would you prefer to rework it a bit, or would you like to just take this month off?
Thanks for being a part of our site.” Rework it a bit or "just take this month off?"  Really?  I felt like I was back in school being suspended. After responding and stating that I was sorry she felt that way and that my article was my personal observation and not meant to offend anyone, I received this reply; “Theresa, I understand the sentiment behind your thoughts, but again thought that the article was not the type of tone that we normally run on our site. Thank you for understanding -- we appreciate you sharing with us. I'm just trying to set a ver…