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A Fathers Day Tribute

By the age of 27 you had four children and had already owned and improved two homes on your own without any financial help from your parents.
 On this Father's Day I want to acknowledge and  thank you  for all the years you devoted to being a strong, reliable man and father, protective and proud, sacrificing and selfless for the sake of your family.  You have been brave and caring, determined and dependable.  Thank you for your years of coaching, loving, sheltering, advising, understanding, forgiving and guiding.  I thank you with all my heart.
Thank you for not throwing in the towel of abandonment when appreciation ran low and your shoulders grew heavy with responsibility.

You have been courageous and selfless ,leaving behind all you knew to move to a better place after you researched many areas for good schools and excellent growth and employment opportunities for your family.
You have been patient and knowledgeable when called upon, never failing in consideration ,and forever depe…